adjective: freeform
not conforming to a regular or formal structure or shape.

We are an agile, innovative and creative collective of people that prides itself on delivering a new way to manage marketing consultancy and campaigns that are free from the boundaries and restraints of a traditional marketing agency.

Why We Do ?

Rule #1

Form a best of breed team around the needs of a client, not the needs of the agency

Rule #2

Create content and communications that sells

Rule #3

Refer to rules #1 and #2

What We Do ?

We enable brands to achieve greatness by combining the art of creative and commercial copywriting with the science of outstanding media planning and marketing automation systems. Everything we do is driven by an obsession to deliver outstanding content that is relevant, engaging and rewarding for the reader, and most importantly, to deliver qualified leads for our clients. We achieve this by nurturing these leads from data, to suspects, to prospects, and then into customers.

Through integrated and well targeted content centric communication strategies, we can deliver more than traffic, more than engagement, more than leads. We can deliver demand for your business.


  1. Content creation and story telling
  2. Media planning
  3. Speech writing
  4. Internal communications


  1. Lead Generation and CPL campaign planning and management
  2. PR &Social media strategy and content management
  3. Campaign and creative services management
  4. CRM & Marketing automation solutions


  1. Marketing and communications consultancy
  2. Brand strategy and planning services
  3. Change management
  4. Outsourced service management

How We Do ?






We believe in a content centric marketing model. We thrive off finding the core value proposition of a brand, and then communicate that value through stories and content that is fully integrated across owned, earned, paid and shared media. Customers don’t consume content along the functional lines of the traditional communication mix. The media landscape has evolved into a blended and borderless world, and it’s time the traditional client/agency model did the same.


We cut out the cliché agency talk, the creative blinkers and marketing waffle that wastes so much time and money, and focus on delivery of outstanding, targeted, measurable and highly effective communications that feed the sales funnel with leads, and nurtures these leads from data, to suspects, to prospects, and into customers.


We do a lot more than simply connecting clients and agencies. We bridge the gap between agencies and clients. There are great clients and there are great agencies, but the two rarely create great marketing, and that is almost always down to either the agency not understanding the clients market, competitors and value propositions, or the client not understanding basic communications principles and pressurising the agency to communicate what they think they want to say, not what customer want to, or choose to hear. The bridge is built to your defined need, and can span from fully integrated outsourced marketing teams to simply connecting you with a specialist in a given field.


I have built a network of the best people and best independent agencies I have worked with over the last 30 years, and joined them together to offer the very best in class of marketing services. Whatever your need, whenever, and wherever you need it, we can connect you with the very best.

Who We Do It For ?


Who we are

We are a collective of marketing professionals unconstrained by the borders of a traditional marketing agency. Our members share the same vision, and work to the same standards of delivery. We don’t charge for pitching, we don’t charge for retainers. We charge on delivery – delivery of outstanding communications that drive real, tangible results for brands.

With nearly 30 years’ experience of senior marketing roles for global corporations, all operating within the IT and consumer electronics industry, and having worked with some of the world’s largest and most successful marketing agencies, I can speak from a position of experience and knowledge.

Having spent all my years’ client side, and many of these years as a European Marketing Director, I know what it takes to create a successful communication strategy. I understand the pressures marketers are under to deliver real and tangible benefits to a business.

Matt McDowell –
Chief Connection Officer

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